Healthy beet-carrot-ginger juice

I have been trying to stay healthy and eat my greens, but at the end of the day I am not sure I ever reach the recommended goal of 600 grams of fruit and vegetables every day. One of my go to solutions is juicing my veggies, because it’s actually easier to drink them than eat them.

I have a Wilfa slow juicer, which is very efficient in getting the most out of the produce. It is, however, also very difficult to clean – but that is the only downside of owning a slowjuicer.

This is a recipe for one glass of superhealthy juice.

2 medium sized beets

3 large carrots

3 cm of ginger

Peel the beets, carrot and ginger and press them through the slow juicer.

Add a couple of ice cubes and enjoy.

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