About me

Hello, I’m delighted to meet you.

My name is Sigrid. I always wanted to be an anthropologist but somehow ended up with two law degrees instead. Now I work in the financial sector at day, but by night I dream of travelling to faraway shores, walking through a noisy medina having my senses bombarded by smells, sounds and people. I long for morning walks along a white pristine beach filled with crisp white sand, palm trees and that azure blue, the sea becomes when the morning sun hits the surface.

And most of all – I travel to meet people, to appreciate their culture and taste the food they eat. Because food is very much culture and something universally enjoyed, even though you do not share the same language.

I also happen to travel a lot with my husband and two little boys. Which makes for a different kind of travel, than one would normally do, when travelling alone as adults. I hope my experiences can be an inspiration for others, who travel with children.

First and foremost, I hope my travels will inspire you to go and see this wonderful world we live in and bear witness to the beauty of it all.